Securus Voice

Securus provide an extensive range of telephony solutions ranging from the provision of telephony hardware and fixed call packages, to cloud-based, multi-site PBX solutions.

Hosted or true cloud telephony is being adopted by an increasing number of organisations as a means of refreshing or upgrading their communications technology or to boost competitive advantage – without the need for large capital investment.

With ISDN not being offered in the UK after 2020, moving to SIP and IP-based telephony is a must. Allowing Securus to manage that transition will save you time, money and stress.  We can deploy analogue and ISDN services, and then agree a migration plan to move you to SIP and IP telephony, guaranteeing a smooth transition process.

Securus has partnered with leading suppliers, Wildix and NFON, to offer a fully managed telephony service, with maintenance and software updates taking place automatically in secure data centres.

Securus also enables you to combine your telephony services with line rental and fixed cost billing on all UK calls.  You will not only save money but will also benefit from the simplicity and ease of centralised billing from a single provider.