SD-WAN Overview

More and more customers are coming to us asking about SD-WAN and seeking our help to both understand it better, and assess if their environment is ready for it.

What SD-WAN enables you to do is, in detail, specify policies for paths and priority for certain traffic types, applications etc, and easily roll these policies out across your SD-WAN.  You can use it to blend expensive connectivity such as 4G, with leased line or DSL and to actively manage traffic across these paths. 

For organisations with services in multiple public clouds, SD-WAN can help identify the application used, and prioritise (or slow) this.  Most SD-WAN implementations come with dashboards so you can see your whole estate in a single pane of glass.

We’ve heard stories of SD-WAN heralding the demise of MPLS, but in reality we see SD-WAN in the majority of situations as an overlay service.  You can run SD-WAN on top of an MPLS environment, and give yourself more granular control of traffic management. 

You can also run SD-WAN on connectivity from multiple vendors, giving you a private WAN type environment.  SD-WAN isn’t standards based, so mixed SD-WAN vendors isn’t possible.  Choosing the right SD-WAN implementation for your environment is critical. 

Are you after speed optimisation?  Cost saving?  Application and latency performance?  We partner with all of the leading SD-WAN vendors, and can advise you on the best choices for your business.  Combine this with our consultancy-led approach, and let us help you take your first step towards SD-WAN.

Next Step

Secure SD-WAN With AI Control

Secure-SD-WAN-From-Securus v1

The Securus Secure SD-WAN solution combines industry-leading performance with high security and consistent SLAs.

We provide SD-WAN service in a number of specific sectors; including finance, accountancy, retail and manufacturing.

We even offer a completely FREE demo.

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