Microsoft Office 365 Data Backup And Restore

May 22, 2020By Andrew RadfordTechnology

3rd party Microsoft Office 365 data backup and restore services are becoming more and more in demand. Microsoft operates Office 365 under a shared responsibility model; meaning that although they maintain platform availability, preventing actual data loss is the sole responsibility of the user. Over 50% of organisations rely on Office 365; however, 92% of … Read More

Choosing The Right Cloud Platform For Remote Working

May 15, 2020By Andrew RadfordTechnology

The recent pandemic of COVID19 has raised several business challenges surrounding remote workers accessing secure cloud computing services. Working from home has swiftly become the ‘new normal’, and many industry experts will be unlikely to change. Choosing the right cloud platform is vital to ensure seamless integration with remote working technologies and your overall network … Read More

COVID-19 Remote Worker Enablement

May 5, 2020By Rob DerbyshireTechnology

Unfortunately, Covid19 has impacted all of us, whether it’s with contracting the virus, or by the measures taken to slow the infection. Businesses and the public, in general, were not prepared for it, which hit us harder than foreseen. The government has done an outstanding job considering what they had to deal with, but there’s … Read More

The Evolution Of Remote Working

April 27, 2020By Andrew RadfordTechnology

Due to the global reach of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies scrambled to fortify their IT infrastructures so that their workforce could work from home. The evolution of remote working is in full swing, although Securus has been remote working since 2012, and helping our customers do the same. Entire teams are now finding themselves working … Read More

12 Key SD-WAN Features To Use Right Now

April 17, 2020By Andrew RadfordTechnology

There are a number of key SD-WAN features evolving, each more efficient and secure than the last one. Increased efficiencies make the lives of IT teams easier. However, many of these automated features go untapped. In some instances, the vendor falls short when it comes to educating IT executives as to the full functionality of … Read More

Best Fortinet Firewalls for SD-WAN

March 31, 2020By Andrew RadfordTechnology

Cybersecurity has been a long time business concern for enterprise organisations. As branch sites migrate towards an SD-WAN model, standard firewall hardware seems no longer the optimum choice. A number of vendors however; have begun fully integrating both SD-WAN functionality and next-generation firewall security in one box. Fortinet being one of them offers full-SD-WAN features … Read More

What Is Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax?

March 28, 2020By Andrew RadfordTechnology

With every new Wi-Fi standard, you see welcome improvements over the previous version in terms of performance. Though, it seems that each one doesn’t quite fully solve the problem of speed. This is mostly because the technology simply can’t keep up with the always-increasing demand. Today we will discuss what is Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and … Read More

COVID-19: Why Increase IT Spending Right Now?

March 26, 2020By Andrew RadfordTechnology

Your business might be in crisis mode but the crisis will end. What you do now can make a huge difference in how well your business fares when the recovery comes. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads fear and chaos around the world many businesses have been forced to slow down. Some have even closed their … Read More

What is Network as a Service (NaaS)?

January 29, 2020By Andrew RadfordTechnology

NaaS Overview Potential clients have been asking for more information on Network as a Service (NaaS) and what we have on offer. The NaaS model allows your business to offload the day-to-day burden of running the network. You can instead re-focus on your business, whilst safe in the knowledge that your networking infrastructure is in … Read More

What is Hybrid SD-WAN?

November 28, 2019By Andrew RadfordTechnology

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, network managers are under pressure to achieve cost savings in every corner of their network platform. Depending on the provider, pure MPLS can become cost prohibitive, especially if most of the traffic is destined for a cloud based service over the public Internet. The alternative is SD-WAN, however increased latency, … Read More