SD-WAN Vs SD-Branch: What You Need To Know

March 31, 2021By Andrew RadfordSD-WAN

With the usual IT acronyms being thrown around there is an element of confusion around software defined systems.  We’ll attempt to dispel some of the confusion in this document. Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) deployments combine advanced networking hardware with virtualisation to improve WAN bandwidth efficiency, application performance, and resilience. This software-centric approach is now … Read More

What is SD-Branch? A Complete Overview

March 22, 2021By Andrew RadfordSD-WAN, Technology

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) deployments use the power of virtualisation and software-defined networking to increase bandwidth efficiency and boost application performance. This same software-centric approach has evolved into SD-Branch, where branch LAN services are also incorporated. SD-Branch is a platform that integrates the features of SD-WAN, security, routing, LAN, and WiFi functionality into a … Read More

Benefits of SD-WAN for Small Businesses

October 31, 2020By Andrew RadfordSD-WAN, Technology

Many small businesses are migrating to cloud-based applications for real-time business application usage in the office, the storefront and also online. The numerous benefits of SD-WAN for small businesses such as increased bandwidth, lower latency, and aggregated link usage can quickly enhance existing WAN services. Changing times have led to a sudden increase in virtual collaboration using … Read More

Benefits Of SD-WAN For Accountancy Firms

October 26, 2020By Andrew RadfordSD-WAN, Technology

Like many sectors, accountancy has embraced cloud-based applications to increase efficiency and reduce cost. As these services place additional strain on existing WAN services, a solution is required. The numerous benefits of SD-WAN for accountancy firms can address this, with increased bandwidth, lower latency, and reduced cost being just the tip of the iceberg. Software such as … Read More

Secure SD-WAN Service With AI Control

August 11, 2020By Andrew RadfordSD-WAN, Technology

In today’s challenging digital landscape, you should expect more than high performance and agility from your wide area network solution. A secure SD-WAN service is paramount as optimised security combined with granular control of your entire estate is now more essential than ever. According to the IBM 2018 Data Breach Study, the average time it … Read More

12 Key SD-WAN Features To Use Right Now

April 17, 2020By Andrew RadfordSD-WAN

There are a number of key SD-WAN features evolving, each more efficient and secure than the last one. Increased efficiencies make the lives of IT teams easier. However, many of these automated features go untapped. In some instances, the vendor falls short when it comes to educating IT executives as to the full functionality of … Read More

Best Fortinet SD-WAN Firewalls

March 31, 2020By Andrew RadfordFortinet Firewalls, Reviews, SD-WAN

Cybersecurity has been a long time business concern for enterprise organisations. As branch sites migrate towards an SD-WAN model, standard firewall hardware seems no longer the optimum choice. A number of vendors however; have begun fully integrating both SD-WAN functionality and next-generation firewall security in one box. Fortinet being one of them offers full-SD-WAN features … Read More

What is Hybrid SD-WAN?

November 28, 2019By Andrew RadfordSD-WAN

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, network managers are under pressure to achieve cost savings in every corner of their network platform. Depending on the provider, pure MPLS can become cost prohibitive, especially if most of the traffic is destined for a cloud based service over the public Internet. The alternative is SD-WAN, however increased latency, … Read More

Benefits of SD-WAN for Manufacturing

September 3, 2019By Andrew RadfordSD-WAN

Manufacturing companies have long led the charge on wide-area networking. Every industry must have real-time sharing of information, although manufacturing has a unique need to ensure connectivity across operations as well as locations, suppliers, and partners. Because manufacturing must always push towards efficiency across all its processes, it cannot overlook IT operations and WAN connectivity. … Read More

10 Benefits of SD-WAN for Retail

August 5, 2019By Andrew RadfordSD-WAN

Will Retail Embrace SD-WAN? The many benefits of SD-WAN have allowed this technology to become the darling of the wide area networking arena. SD-WAN for Retail is the obvious move forward. Why wouldn’t businesses want reduced cost and increased performance from their WAN suppliers? At no other time is history has retail needed technology to … Read More