Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Guide

September 24, 2019By Andrew RadfordTechnology

Most of those working in the technology sector have at least a basic understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT). Recognition for the term Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is growing, although the definition itself is still evolving as digitization becomes a priority in every industry. IIoT is the manufacturing industry reference of The Internet … Read More

Edge and Fog Computing:Overview and Benefits

September 18, 2019By Andrew RadfordTechnology

Cloud computing has one main Achilles heel in the form of increased latency. In most cases the cloud platform is not physically located near the data source, thus data transfer takes additional time. This can become highly problematic for the overall performance of latency sensitive applications and services. The benefits of edge and fog computing … Read More

Benefits of SD-WAN for Manufacturing

September 3, 2019By Andrew RadfordTechnology

Manufacturing companies have long led the charge on wide-area networking. Every industry must have real-time sharing of information, although manufacturing has a unique need to ensure connectivity across operations as well as locations, suppliers, and partners. Because manufacturing must always push towards efficiency across all its processes, it cannot overlook IT operations and WAN connectivity. … Read More